Kenneth Battles Homophobia

Question: Kenneth, did u write Blood, Bricks, and Dandelions as a way to combat homophobia?

Answer: Well, I wrote it to keep my sanity, I published it to address ignorance. I believe homophobia is fed by ignorance, so I assume if you address ignorance you address homophobia.

Question: Is it true that the journals in your new book was written while you were still in high school?

Answer: Well, the book itself was 80% percent written while I was in high school including the journals.

Question: So, how did the book come to be?

Answer: It never was meant to be a book. I never had any desires of letting anyone else read it, let alone publishing it. I have always been a person who kept journals, always as far back as I can remember I had a journal.  In my adult years I discovered a few of my old journals and relived what I think was a very defining time in my life. After reading the journals a few times, I thought the story should be told.

Question:  Besides addressing ignorance what is your motivation for sharing your story?

Answer: I have no other motivation.  I truly believe the story will be an enlightment for young people who are living what I lived and for the people who truly don’t understand the story behind  gay, lesbian, or bisexual minorities.

Question: Your story goes into a lot of your personal experiences in  great graphic detail. How comfortable are you with sharing those intimate moments with the public?

Answer: To be honest I am not really that comfortable, but hey its part of the story and I wanted to share the whole story.

Question: Can we expect any more work from you?

Answer:  Well, we will all have to wait and see.

A few years ago, in recognition of the Million Man March, leaders of the Black Community Organized the Million More March.  However, these leaders made it known that they did not want any homosexuals marching with them…..

Kenneth responded with a powerful poem highlighting the effects of such homophobia.

  1. ky'air davis says:

    shorty i did not no wat ya book was about but i see now gvood job shorty i like it

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