Blood Bricks and Dandelions


Come with me, into the cracks of broken bricks where bruised hearts and shattered dreams flock to watch dandelions grow.

 Intro to Blood Bricks and Dandelions “To be Young Black and Gay” by Kenneth Morrison 



I was twelve years old standing there watching wide-eyed as they kicked him. Laughter and light cheers filled the schoolyard. He cried out for someone to stop them, but no one would reply. This was his punishment. His crime was snickering like a girl and jumping rope during gym period instead of playing basketball.  The trial was simple. A few kids asked him if he wanted to play ball. He said “No” and smiled. Where I came from there were two types of people regardless how young you were, predators and prey. There were rules that you had to follow.  Rule number one for a dude was you couldn’t show any sign of weakness.  Yes, jumping rope and smiling could be clear signs of weakness. So, don’t think the boy didn’t know why he was being beat on, because he knew better than anyone.

I went home, adrenaline still pumping from the chaos at school. My father was standing on the porch. For the first time in my life he asked me how was school.  I told him about the fight.  My exact words were, “They jumped this gay boy at school.” His reply was, “They should have killed his ass!”  Those words, along with a few similar statements, had a big impact in molding me into the person I am today and the reason for writing this book.

 Thanks Dad.

“Blood, Bricks, and Dandelions” is a collection of journal entries, short stories, and poems that highlight the struggles and passion of a young man growing up in one of Baltimore City’s most challenging neighborhoods.  As do many of the youth brought up in such neighborhoods, Kenneth Morrison must carry a lethal secret as he grows up confronted by drugs, violence, abuse and death. The fear of his homosexuality being revealed – even to himself – seems a greater threat than all of the above

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