Baptised by fire, Kenneth Morrison has emerged as a POWERFUL advocate for equality and opportunity.  Kenneth Morrison was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland to  parents who had become willful victims of the crack epidemic.  As a child, Kenneth was forced to endure repetitive drug raids, brutal violence, neglect, abuse, and extreme poverty, including homelesseness.  Kenneth Morrison was homeless 3 out of the 5 years he attended high school before graduating in 2003.

After high school Kenneth developed Kevon’s Room.  Kevon’s Room was geared towards improving the lives of sexual minority youth, many of which faced similar challenges.  Over a course of three years, Kevon’s Room opened four sites in Baltimore City and served hundreds of youth.  Kenneth continues his childhood goal of ensuring equality and opportunities for disadvantaged youth.  

Kenneth currently attends Coppin State Univiersity where he is studying Urban Development and Youth and Nonprofit Management. Kenneth recently left his job, teaching poetry, for John’s Hopkins Univiersity to become the Coordinator of Youth Services at the Park Heights Renaissance, a local CDC geared towards community development.  Kenneth now leads an initative responsible for developing and supporting more than 12,000 youth and young adults in the  same community he was raised in, Park Heights.

Kenneth’s latest project, “Blood, Bricks, and Dandelion”, is his first step to revisiting his dark and cloudy past in order to shine lights to a promising future for many.


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