My Sister’s Boyfriend (rewritten) Check it Out

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

My Sisters Boyfriend

3:00 AM

I close my eyes

Realizing that it’s just a matter of time before his fingers will start climbing up my thighs

Followed by butterflies as I try lie perfectly still

Pretending to be sleep

His fingers reach closer

He slowly begins carefully caressing, then holding, then stroking

As if molding his freedom from my dick

I lie there

Fully awake, fully aware that this is his way of escaping another day of self-hatred

He is touching, sucking, and humping in search of something

That does not exist outside these four walls, so yes I lie there

Allowing him to bury his secrets in me

As he continues to rub every inch

As if hoping for 3 wishes

3:45 AM

I breathe

Realizing that monsters have moms

And the dark closets they inhibit are the pit-stops

Before their coffins

I wonder how often God ask children to crawl bearing slavery sized crosses

Its bloody fucking awful picking suicidal splinters out of the backs of babies

Its awkward how heavy cries or moans can feel on ones shoulders

Lessons learned while lying

I remain silent

knowing this was never meant to be rape

But rather a desperate prison-break

from a world where liberty is locked behind zippers

Sexual orientations are assigned even before genders

Remember your own

“If I have a boy his name will be” and “I have a girl her name will be”

I bet regardless of what in your head they both were straight


I guess some infants are denied of ever existing

I guess it’s not really abortion if you just kill their souls

And as your prayers, pointing, and persecution

Floods streets with the teenage blood of faggots

I no longer understand the difference between suicide and murder

4:30 AM

I cry

Realizing some people spend their lifetime holding their breath

Envisioning their own death

Spending each night Super Focused on dying, crying to be someone else

A concentration camp that Hitler would be proud of

With my face buried in pillows

I learn how it feels to be suffocated by secrets

As his fingers write stories over my skin

As his sweats drip baptism puddles on my back

As his abs lock his secrets in my ribcage

I can only imagine the pain he’s hiding while grinding inside of me

Tongue wrapped around my dick trying to get a taste of the pride that resides in me

Fingers prying to make space for a place for him to hide in me

As his eyes probe to find some sign that reminds him of me

He racists against day break

Slowly placing his lips gently on mine

Hoping that this kiss can somehow cause time stand still

And give him time to continue to search for what was stolen at birth


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