Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

This week 5 gay youth were identified as “victims” of suicide as result of peer bullying.

I am sure there were 5 last week as well, however, no one documented the cases. We all are aware that bullying is an issue, but it is not the issue. I read an article that suggested that technology was a key issue in one suicide case. I read another article that suggested the lack of maturity was a key the problem. The ” problem” stems much deeper than “Facebook” and childish behavior. The” problem” lies in the ignorance that is built into our social institutions such as our  schools, courts, churches, and homes.

As a man in my mid twenties I can look back and reflect the many cases in which I have directly encountered this ignorance:

  • As a student I have been the victim of hate crimes, peer bullying, and verbal abuse from school staff.
  • As a child I lost my best friend to suicide and was told by my parents and family that I would be disowned if  I was gay.
  • As an educator I witnessed administrators, teachers, and staff allow and in some cases promote homophobia.
  • As a member of a christian church I have witnessed the leadership promote homophobia.
  • As a resident of a black community I have witnessed the police, community leaders and respected residents promote homophobia.
  • As a citizen I have watched and protest as my rights were denied because of homophobia

What I am trying to get at is  that in every aspect of society, is a deep rooted hatred towards gays.  The ignorance the media is identifying in our children is in their parents, their community leaders, their politicians, and their pastors.

We need to shake our fist at the folks who are spreading the ignorance that is taking the lives of so many innocent children?

We cannot raise our children to detest homosexuality and punish them when they do so.

The problem lies in our adults not our children!!!!!!!!


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