Posted: September 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

At 13

At 13
He holds a blade against the edge of his vein struggling to remain sane
And find an escape to the pain
He’s forced to sustain
By being strictly forbidden to exist as is
AT 13
He tries, but can no longer hold the pain inside
But nor can he cry
His soul as grown so cold
His tears are frozen
No longer able to pierce the holes in his head
He’s only a kid
But he’s dead on the inside
Being critiqued and criticized
By church peers as they shout faggot as loud
As their hollow hearts will allow
AT 13
His right hand shakes as his fragile skin begins to break
As he tries to understand why
His pops said he would rather him die
Than to be caught with a guy
AT 13
His will to live is failing and the urge is getting stronger
Convinced he rather die, than live a lie any longer
He can no longer conceive a good reason
To keep breathing
He spends every second of every evening dreaming internally screaming
and pleading for freedom
Then his right hand strikes his left
And as the blade rips open his flesh
He parts his lips to beg GOD for forgiveness
For not having the strength to live his life to the finish
But before he could end his sentence the blade falls and he dies
AT 13

  1. carol says:

    Wow! My heart has the urge to cry… And mourn the boy I know yearned to live inside. But my mind reminds me I of I a time that I would have rather died. But the is so much to take from his story! Sorry

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