Poem From “Blood Bricks and Dandelion”

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

My Sister’s Boyfriend

3:00 am
I close my eyes realizing
That it’s just a matter of time before
His fingers will start climbing up my thighs
Followed by butterflies as I try to lie perfectly still
Pretending to be asleep
As his fingers reach closer
He slowly began caressing, holding, then stroking,
As if molding his freedom from my dick
See I lie there
Fully awake
Fully aware that this is his way of escaping another day of self-hatred
See, he’s touching, sucking, and humping in search of something
That doesn’t exist outside of these four walls
So I lie there
Allowing him to bury his secret in me
As he continues to rub every inch
As if hoping for three wishes
While he continues licking and kissing
But I know that this is his way of escaping
The normal screaming and kicking, wall hitting and spitting
That he does instead of living
Since infancy he was denied of truly existing
His sexual orientation was decided before his name
By a father he never met
Taught at the early age of five
when caught playing house with a guy what society expects,
And was even able to share with his next
When asked why his left eye was black
See I can only imagine the pain he’s hiding
While grinding inside of me
Searching to find and define the essence of he
Crying to be free
His tongue wrapped around my dick trying to get a taste of the pride that resides in me
His fingers prying to make space for a place for him to hide in me
As his eyes probe to find some sign that reminds him of me
As I lie there with night drawing to an end
He races against day break
Slowly placing his lips gently on mine hoping that this kiss would somehow cause time to stand still
And give him time
To find what was stolen at birth


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